Designing the Next Food Experience Together

Our Mission

Our mission at FoodInno is to build a collaborative environment of food innovators from all walks of life. We provide the opportunity for students to work alongside food companies to solve their challenges by tapping into the minds of young millennials. Our club has two branches: food innovation hackathons and student-led classes.

Through food hackathons, FoodInno provides UC Berkeley students with the opportunity to closely work with local food companies, co-ops, and organizations. These events bring young millennials and innovative food businesses together to creatively solve company challenges, such as optimizing healthy consumer-packaged snack products, increasing health marketing campaigns, or innovating new product designs.

In addition, our club provides students with food-related education opportunities, through our student-led classes. These courses provide a platform for our club members to explore and teach topics that interest them, bring in local entrepreneurs, food system innovators, and experts to talk about their passions, and expand the knowledge of Berkeley students on the wonderful world of food. In the past, we've taught classes on fermentation, the environmental, nutritional, and social aspects of our food system and coffee & wine. Currently, we are teaching a class on hacking the future of food.